Mt. Airy Baptist Church

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After 26 years of serving Mt. Airy Baptist Church, our Senior Pastor, Mike Trammell, has retired.  

Please pray with and for us as we begin searching for God's vision for our church and the new man He has to lead Mt. Airy Baptist Church.  Below you will find a sampling of sermons from key church leaders and other Pastors that have given messages from our pulpit.

Sermon Messages

08-05-18:  Gaithering of the Saints - Rev. Keith Vincent

07-22-18:  Strengthening The Church In Affliction - Rev. Keith Vincent

07-15-18:  The Evidence of a Life Grounded in the Word - Rev. Keith Vincent

07-08-18:  Receiving The Word of God - Rev. Keith Vincent

06-17-18:  The Gospel Proclaimed - The Gospel Lived - Rev. Keith Vincent

06-10-18: Traits of a Church That Gets It - Rev. Keith Vincent

06-03-18: Making The Most of God's Gift of Time - Rev. Keith Vincent

05-27-18: A Satisfied Life in God is a Glorified Life - Rev. Keith Vincent

05-20-18: Being One In Christ - Defining Unity - Rev. Keith Vincent

05-13-18: Defining One's Self In Ministry - Rev. Keith Vincent

04-29-18: Are You Being Punished for Forgiven Sins - Rev. Gil Brown

04-22-18: You Can Be Redeemed - Chaplain Chris Watson