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Christian Preschool

Little Sheep Christian Preschool is a Bible-based preschool program that teaches Bible stories and lessons in addition to an educational preschool curriculum. We believe children are a gift from God and we encourage a loving and nurturing learning environment.


Registration for 2024-25 is NOW open.   Morning 4's & PreK full day classes are full. Afternoon classes & the morning 3/4's class have a few spaces available. 



All classes are Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Sept-May). Students must be at least 3 years old by September 1st of the current school year to participate.  Your child must be the age of the class you register for by September 1 this fall.

1) MORNINGS: 3 year olds:  9am-11:45am 

2) MORNINGS: 4 & 5 year olds:  9am-11:45am

3) AFTERNOONS: older 3's, 4 or 5 year olds:  12:15-2:45pm

4) FULL DAY PreK - 4 & 5 year olds:  9am-2:45pm

Students that register for the afternoon 4/5's class will be considered first for any 4/5's morning or full day preK openings that come available, but parents must email me to let the Director know they are still interested in a morning or full day spot after they register for the afternoon.


> LUNCH BUNCH OPTION: 11:45am - 12:45pm ($10 per session)

All students may utilize the Lunch Bunch program.  This provides an optional program extension for both the morning and afternoon students. No prior commitment required - parents can sign-up by drop-off each day to utilize Lunch Bunch. Participants are invoiced at the end of each month for any time used. 

> EXTENDED DAY OPTION:  11:45am-2:45pm ($25 per session)

The extended day option allows morning students to stay through lunch and participate in an afternoon class.  Pick-up for Extended Day is at 2:45pm. The cost is $25 per session and includes Lunch Bunch. No prior commitment required - parents can sign-up by drop-off each day to utilize this option (although space is limited). 

2024-25 COSTS:

REGISTRATION FEE:   $100 (non-refundable - confirms your spot)

TUITION:   $285 per month (1/2 day) / $540 per month (full day)

**Questions: email the Director here >> 


God has blessed our Christian preschool program and our roster has historically filled very quickly. To significantly increase your chances of obtaining a spot for your child for FUTURE YEARS, it is HIGHLY recommended that you add your child to our pre-registration list by clicking the link below.  Adding your child to the list does not require any commitments on your part, rather it allows you the opportunity to register early.  Registration for the school year will open in January of that year and those on the list for that year will be notified ahead of time. 

                                                               CLICK TO VIEW OUR:


Preschool Classroom One - Complete With A Story Wall Mural

Preschool Classroom Two  - A Story Wall Mural (The Pasture)


About Our Preschool Program:  Little Sheep Christian Preschool is an educational ministry of Mt. Airy Baptist Church. The preschool serves children ages 3-5, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays September through May. Children must meet the age requirements by September 1st to participate. Some exceptions can be considered.  Please speak to the Director.

CLASS TIMES(see class times information at the top of this page)

Forms:  All registered preschool students are required to complete the following forms prior to preschool starting.           1) Health Inventory Form 2) Emergency Form 3) Lead Form

Tuition: Please see tuition costs listed under the proper enrollment year at the top of this page. We believe in offering a high-quality education, but one that is affordable for families in our community because we are not for profit, but all for purpose.  A one-time, non-refundable registration fee (listed above) is due at the time of enrollment.

More Enrichment: Our preschool staff development will take place after our classroom hours instead of during days and times that our preschool is in session. This means your child receives MORE classroom time for your tuition dollars. Click below to view our annual school calendar:

Our Mission: The mission of Little Sheep Christian Preschool is to prepare children for successful lives as children of God. We work side by side with the children and their families to achieve excellence in academics, social skills, and understanding of Biblical principles.

John 10:27 - My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

Purpose:  Little Sheep Christian Preschool is a developmentally appropriate facility that encourages “hands-on” learning. Through our program we pray that each preschooler will have his/her self-esteem uplifted, that they would gain autonomy, and that they would come to know without a doubt that Jesus loves them.

What Makes Us Different?

We combine an enriching educational curriculum where children gain the foundation for what they need to succeed academically for their years ahead. All the while, we also work toward creating a spiritual foundation that will plant seeds for the Lord in their hearts as well. 

Our preschool curriculum and educational lessons include: 

  • Writing, reading, literacy and language development skills
  • Scientific thinking and social studies concepts
  • Creative arts and learning through dramatic play
  • Cooking projects/skills
  • Mathematical thinking
  • Health, fitness and physical development 
  • Community connectedness
  • Etiquette and manners
  • And so much more!

Here are just some of the ways that your child will experience the Christian values of our program:

  • Intentional, Yet Natural Biblical Teaching:  At Little Sheep Christian Preschool our faith in God and Jesus is not an after-thought, rather Christian principles, Biblical teaching and prayer are woven naturally into our educational lessons each day.
  • Bible Reading & Scripture Teaching:  Each of our students receives their very own preschool Bible and will be encouraged to read it during Bible lessons at school and take it home to read and share it with their family too. 
  • Bible Stories, Songs & Virtues: Bible songs, stories and their characters will be shared as part of lessons and children will occasionally put on impromptu skits and plays to role-play Bible stories.  Biblical virtues, such as kindness, forgiveness, honesty and love are taught in our program as well.  
  • Prayer:  Not only will children pray before snack, but they are also taught to pray for each other and are given opportunities to do so.  
  • Christian Holidays: Our Christmas celebration and Easter activities will honor Christ as the focus.  Often, dramatic play is used to help teach the stories behind these important holidays.  
  • Missions / Service Projects: Our students will participate in age-appropriate service projects throughout the school year which will help them begin to build a foundation for understanding the importance of Christian service.  

Other Great Benefits of Our Program 

  • Low Student/Teacher Ratio / Limited Class Size: Our low student to teacher ratio means that our teachers can spend time getting to know our preschool students, which enriches the learning process greatly.
  • Regular Parent Fellowships: Held during the preschool hours; think of it as an informal “mom’s group” amongst our preschool families. These parent fellowship times are wonderful opportunities to get to know the other parents and grandparents and allow younger siblings to play together and make new friends! 
  • Little Sheep Get-Togethers:  Held after school or on non-school days, our Little Sheep gather from time to time for fun get-togethers so they can enjoy the friendships they are making at school.  Examples include meeting for ice cream, pajama movie nights and play dates at the park!
  • More Class Time: Our staff development will take place AFTER our classroom hours instead of during days and times that our preschool is in session. This means your child receives MORE classroom time for your tuition dollars.
  • Affordable: We believe in offering a high-quality education, but one that is affordable for families in our community.  Our tuition is more affordable than most programs comparable in days provided. 
  • Family-Friendly: Field trips and other in-school and after school activities which bring families together to celebrate and fellowship together. (Examples include movie nights, holiday plays, mother/child tea, Dinner with Daddy, afterschool park lunches, and classroom luncheons.)
  • Accessibility & Personal: Our staff, including the Director, is accessible and responsive. 
  • We Teach Manners / Etiquette:  Manners and etiquette show kindness and respect toward others.  They are taught and expected in our classroom.
  • We Are a Ministry: Which means our standards are set by the Lord.

Little Sheep Christian Preschool is a private school and is licensed by the Maryland Department of Education.  If you have further questions, please email our Director, Kristin Furr at 

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