Mt. Airy Baptist Church

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Joshua Vogt

Senior Pastor
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About Joshua Vogt:

About Pastor Josh:

Pastor Josh was born in Athens, GA, in 1981, but moved to New York when he was three and has lived most of his life in New York (Western New York, not that big city that everyone pictures). Josh’s life plans varied throughout high school, including everything from being a librarian to being an officer in the Marine Corps. However, when God got ahold of his life at the age of nineteen, God directed Josh into the ministry in no uncertain terms.

Pastor Josh went to Practical Bible College (now Davis College) in Johnson City, NY, where he earned his BRE with a pastoral focus on expository preaching. He also met his wife Alicia there, and they were married in 2003. He earned his MDiv from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. It is Pastor Josh’s desire to someday get a PhD in theology, but that is on the backburner as he devotes most of his time to being a husband, father, and pastor.

Pastor Josh has pastored churches in New York and Arkansas (Yes, that seems like a strange range of experience. If you are curious as to how that happened, you have to come here and ask him). Most recently, he was the pastor of a church outside of Buffalo, NY. He served there for seven years before being called to Mt. Airy Baptist Church in 2019.

Josh and Alicia have five kids, Adeline, Ella, Caleb, Benjamin, and Charlotte Grace. As a family, they enjoy playing games, hiking, swimming, riding roller coasters, and watching movies. Oh, and did I mention games? (They are all very competitive). Though they do not often do it together, everyone in the family also enjoys reading.

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